My Top 5 Drinks + Juiceries // California

My trip to California was utter bliss! I made priceless memories & experienced countless firsts. So much so, I've had to categorize how I share my recommendations & experiences with you! 

Let's face it, I'm a sucker for cute shops of all kinds. These cafes & juiceries places are definitely worth mentioning! 

One: Lemonade

I dreamed of going to Lemonade since my last trip to California in 2015. From pictures of adrmied bloggers, I was on a mission to find this adorable shop. Unexpectedly,  as I walked through UTC an outdoor mall in San Diego, I SAW IT. In seconds, my excitement levels skyrocketed & I had a chilled watermelon lemonade in my hand. It was nothing short of refreshing & delightful.

Two: Pressed Juicery

Not only did I find Lemonade. I found Pressed Juicery next door! So naturally, lemonade in hand, I purchased a Charcoal Lavender Juice. Charcoal can be intimidating. I'm a huge fan of using it in face masks & cleansers, but drinking it can seem scary. The juice was delicious! Charcoal doesn't add flavor, simply a bold color & detoxifying properties. Juices aren't for everyone, but I quite enjoy them. There is something refreshing about drinking wholesome, purified ingredients. The juice contained: charcoal, lavender, honey & lemon.

Three: Nekter Juice Bar

I may or may not have found this place due to the dire need of green juice, cause by a sugar come. Regardless, it's lovely. I chose "The Greenie" removed the celery & added whey protein. It did just the trick. My only suggestion may be to also remove the parsley, it adds an acquired taste. 

Four: Boba Bar & Desserts

Taro. Taro. Taro. If you haven't tried this flavor, you must. It is similar to a coconut vanilla taste & it's purple. (so, come on.) To my knowledge, there aren't many boba places near me, so I knew I had to try it.  I'm no bubba tea expert. What I can say, is my taro smoothie tasted amazing, the inspirational quote on the wall was fitting & they offered boba smoothie combinations I haven't seen before, like Strawberry Colada & Chamango. (champagne & mango)

Five: Project Juice

The decor was a dream & the juice was great! I tried a blue green algae wellness shot (thanks to Yelp's first time visitor reward) which I found quite rejuvenating & their "Epic Greens" smoothie with house-made almond milk, protein, spinach, banana, kale, almond butter & vanilla bean. YUM!

If you're ever in San Diego, be sure to check out these drinks & find your favorite flavor! 

What is your favorite juicery & where is it located? 

xoxo, HaileyGrace

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"California Dreamin' on such a Fall day?"

Having been a couple times now, I do love the West Coast. There is something about it that just piques my interest & inspires me to work toward creating the life I dream about. That having been said, the change of seasons are a feature I adore as an East Coast girl!

While I was in California this trip, I had the chance to wear a few of my fall outfits during the chilly evening outings...and I took full advantage of it!

One of my favorites was this one: 

Shirt & Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Gift// Lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede ""

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My Everyday Makeup Storage

When I moved in May, I knew I needed a better solution for my makeup collection. I like to experiment with makeup & use different products regularly. I wanted to share the best way I've found to store the products I need quick access to every morning! 

My acrylic containers are mostly from Home Goods, with one that was a Christmas gift last year. If you're not keen on organizing, there are people who may be able to help with your organizational & storage needs like MakeSpace. Sometimes you simply need a place to store extra items (like makeup bags, if like me, you collect more than you can store).

Lets jump right in! 

To get a better idea of my makeup storage, check out my video below! Give it a like & subscribe for a full makeup collection video! 

There could be a MakeSpace location near you! What is your biggest strength or challenge when it comes to storage & organization?

xoxo, HaileyGrace

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